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Welcome to EPM Iowa. EPM started in April of 2017. So while we’re a young company, the experience and knowledge that made the company possible was years in the making.

In July of 2013 Adam and Tyler bought their first property under the company name of RentCF, LLC. By the end of 2016 they had 11 properties and in the Spring of 2017 had 15 properties. At that point they shopped around to see if they could find a property management company that had the same management philosophy as how they managed their properties.

It was difficult to find a property management company that was legal by the laws in the State of Iowa. Once they did find a couple of the companies and reached out to them, they usually never called back. The ones that did wanted to charge more than what Adam and Tyler wanted to pay.

So in April of 2017, EPM Iowa was formed. EPM originally stood for Everyone’s Property Management. As the company grew, they changed the acronym to stand for Every Property Matters. While the company is commonly just called “EPM”, the philosophy of how things are handled still comes back to Every Property Matters. That means every owner matters, whether they have a 100 unit apartment complex or a small 1 bedroom house in the rough side of town. This also means that every tenant matters, no matter what they pay for rent, it’s still their home, and everyone deserves to have a functional home.

EPM takes great pride in maintaining the properties that owners trust them with, and enjoy working to keep the tenants happy and maintain the properties so that owners can get the investment returns that they’re hoping for.

EPM is here to help solve your problems, whether it be collecting rent, filling vacancies or dealing with problem tenants. We want to free up your time so you can spend it with your family, or use it to go out and find more investments, or just be able to sleep soundly at night.

We tie our management fees to your success. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. We are rental property owners too, so we understand that the bottom line is how you judge your return on investment. And we don’t charge re-leasing fees, or upcharge materials we purchase from Menards. We keep our fees straightforward so they’re easy to understand.

We don’t tie you into a long term contract, and we do our best to learn how you want the properties managed and tailor our services to you.

We do our best to maintain all of our properties cost effectively. This means when there’s an issue, we try to find the most cost effective route to get it solved quickly. By solving issues quickly, we keep our tenants happy, and your asset in good shape.

We utilize software that will give you the transparency you need to see what’s happening at your properties 24/7. You can see the work orders, rents collected, and any expenses anytime you’d like. We also send you a full report of your income and expenses every month, and at the end of the year, we give you a report that will make your accountant happy!

We are grateful for the 80 owners that trust us to manage their 600+ properties. And we hope that you will give us the chance to earn your business.

Thank you,

Tyler Rasmussen and Adam Hunemuller

Tyler Rasmussen » Broker Owner
Picture of Tyler Rasmussen
Tyler Rasmussen is the Broker/Owner of EPM. Tyler started investing in and managing rental properties in 2008. At that time Tyler lived in St. Paul and worked for 3M in the Pharmaceutical division as a Project Engineer. By 2011 Tyler had 13 doors and self-managed them with his two partners. In 2011 Tyler relocated to his hometown of Independence with his wife, Megan.
Adam Hunemuller » Owner
Picture of Adam Hunemuller
Adam Hunemuller was born and raised in Cedar Falls. He earned his degree at UNI studying Real Estate before beginning his career. Adam’s background includes mortgage origination, consumer loan origination, business development, residential construction and Real Estate investing. Adam lives in Cedar Falls with his wife, Jen and their three children.
Leeann B. » Property Manager
Picture of Leeann
Leeann Bienfang graduated from UNI with a degree in Business/Real Estate in 2017. Leeann joined EPM in June 2018 and is a licensed Realtor in the state of Iowa. Leeann recently became a homeowner and is work ing to grow her own rental invest ment portfolio.
Hanna R. » Asset Manager
Picture of Hanna Rieck
Hanna Rieck was born in Minnesota and relocated to Iowa in 2008 when her family found better opportunities in the Cedar Valley. Hanna graduated with her Business Finance degree from Upper Iowa University in 2019 and has held various administrative positions with local companies that range from hog production to construction. She enjoys target shooting, spending time with family, and staying fit.
Noah W.
Picture of Noah Weber
Noah Weber has lived in the Independence area his entire life. He is currently attending Hawkeye Community College with plans to transfer and finish at University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Finance and Real Estate. Noah obtained his real estate license to help new home buyers and investors reach their personal and investment goals. Noah has helped his parents renovate and sell several homes and is excited to bring that knowledge to his clients!
Derick Rogers
Picture of Derick Rogers
Derick Rogers is a small man with big ideas who has never left Cedar Falls his entire life because he never had to. Married with two daughters, he earned degrees in multiple fields of study including Design and Business Management. Derick has been investing in real estate since 2011 with extensive knowledge of the area and always looking forward to building more relationships and finding opportunities for other investors.
Austin W. » Maintenance
Picture of Austin T.
Steve W. » Maintenance
Picture of Steve W.